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Class 1

A very warm welcome to Class 1.

We hope you enjoy looking at the amazing learning that goes on in our classroom. 

School trip


Class 1 have been on a school trip today to a local tomato farm.

We used our road safety skills and walked to the trip.

We revisited our learning all about how plants grow.

We got to meet some bees.

We even got to take home some yummy tomatoes!!

Coffee morning


Reception and Year 6 joined St. Mark's church coffee and cake meeting (held the first Monday of every month) and sang some songs for them.

It was lovely to see our oldest and youngest children making memories together.


Road safety


Reception and Year 1 will be learning all about road safety this week.

We learnt about how to cross the road safely. 

Don't forget to STOP - LOOK - LISTEN



Digital art


Class 1 have been creating some digital art this morning.

We worked together and helped each other.

In class 1 we work as a team!

Sports Day


What an amazing Sport's Day we had!

Well done to all the children and a big thank you to all the grown ups that came to support us.

Forest School


Class 1 have had an amazing time in forest school.

We have been working on our fine and gross motor skills. 

We have been caring for plants and our enviroment. 

The Bog Baby


In Class 1 we were introduced to the book the 'Bog Baby'.

Mrs Piper had covered up all the pictures of the Bog Baby in the book. We had to listen carefully to the character description and then make our own Bog Baby.

Look at our amazing work! 

Easter celebrations 


we have had so much fun during our Easter celebration day. 
We came into school dressed as friends of Jesus and we did all these fun things:

🐣 attended church 

🐣 took part in an Easter egg hunt

🐣 had an Easter feast just like the last supper

🐣 washed each others feet

🐣 took part in a Palm Sunday procession 

Making play dough 


In class 1 we followed instructions to make our own play dough.
We measured out ingredients and listened carefully to the bossy verbs that told us what to do. 

🪩 When we were finished we had a dough disco! 🪩

School trip 


We had so much fun on our school trip to  Imagine That.
We learnt so much and made so many memories.

Shrove Tuesday


In class 1 we have been learning all about Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day).

We even made our own pancakes they were so yummy! 

World Book Day


We had so much fun on World Book Day.

We came into school dressed as our favourite characters and took part in a parade!

We also got to see the masked readers and guess which teacher was reading the story.

We had story time sessions with each teacher and a special treat of hot chocolate and stories in our house teams in the afternoon!
Such a fun day full of reading opportunities. 

Moving pictures


We have been learning all about moving pictures.
We made our own sliders!

Have a look. 

All about the weather


Class 1 have been learning all about the weather in the UK.

We even rose played as weather forcasters. 

Keeping heathy: cleaning our teeth


Class 1 have been learning all about keeping healthy. We looked at how we could keep our teeth healthy and we had a go at brushing some teeth. 



Today the children did a yoga session.
They learnt some yoga poses and had so much fun! 

Veg boxes

All of our children were very blessed to receive a free veg box for Christmas this year. We must send a heartfelt thank you to one of our parents for all the organisation that went into this. We also extend our thanks to all the Scarisbrick Farmers for their generous donations of the vegetables, proudly supporting local growers with all veg sourced from within 1 mile of our school. We wish you all a wonderful Christmas.

Countdown to Christmas


Class 1 have thoroughly enjoyed our "Countdown to Christmas" week. Thank you to members of the PTFA who organised a tasty breakfast and Movie Night to kick-start the week for us. We visited Church and have made Christmas cards, calendars and crackers as well as completed some paintings to reflect the true meaning of Christmas; Jesus' birth. We also enjoyed a disco and party games to help us celebrate all that this special time of year has to offer. The week was completed when Father Christmas himself paid us a visit and each of the children received a gift - Thank You Santa for taking time out of your busy schedule to visit us.






Class 1 took part in our whole school Nativity performance. We loved learning the songs and dances and we performed it in front of an audience in church. We were all amazing! Mrs Piper is so proud of us! 

Signs of autumn and winter


Class 1 have been learning about the seasons in our Science lessons.
We looked for signs of autumn and winter in our outdoor area. 

Children in need


The children have been fundraising for a very good cause!
They came into school wearing something spotty to help raise money for children in need.

Remembrance Day


In Class 1 we learnt all about Remembrance Day. We learnt about why poppies are important and why we wear them. We also attended a church service and took part in the silence to show our respect for all those that have lost their lives because of conflict.



Art and design


We have had lots of fun using paint to decorate pumpkins. We mixed colours and made our own beautiful designs.

We also create pumpkin masks using collage materials. We had to cut and stick our materials. We had to use our concentration skills.


Planting our class flowers

Island Hoppers


We created some amazing telescopes and then role played that we were explorers.

We had so much fun! 

'Cooking' fun

Our church community


Class 1 really enjoyed visiting our church to look at the wonderful Harvest displays. In RE this term we have learnt about Harvest. How we celebrate it and why it is important to Christians. 


Autumn fun! Exploring conkers.


Class 1 have been exploring conkers. We looked at the life cycle of a conker. We counted with the conkers. We built with the conkers. We observed them closely and used the senses of touch and sight to learn more.


Who knew conkers were so much fun!?!

Class 1 love forest school!

We love learning through role play in Class 1

Understanding of the world

We are expert problem solvers in Class 1!

Class 1 have been working hard to use their counting skills in practical ways

Physical development : Class 1 have been working on their fine and gross motor skills

Class 1 have been really enjoying their P.E. lessons

Summer 2- Buckets and Spades (2022)

Martin Mere Educational Visit- 30/03/2022

The Children in Class 1 had lots of fun the whole school trip to Martin Mere. They enjoyed learning about Ava's Journey and participating in the activities to help Ava make her way home. We saw a variety of different birds and explored all of the grounds, despite the rain all the children had a fantastic day. 

Summer 1- The Great Outdoors (2022)

Wellie Walk 2022

Class 1 enjoyed participating in the Wellie Walk to raise money for Christian Aid. The children walked 7 laps around the church grounds and they had juice and cake once everyone had completed it. The children had a great time and it was lovely to see them all in their wellies. 

We're Going on a Bear Hunt (Summer 2022)

In our English lesson this half term we are focusing on adventure stories. The first story we are focusing on is 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt', so we started off the topic by going on our own adventure to find the Bear. The children enjoyed going around the garden through each obstacle and managed to not get caught by the bear. I don't think Class 1 will be going on another bear hunt any time soon.  



The children in Reception and Pre- School have been exploring the different settings from the story 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'. Each day the tuff tray was set up with different items relating to the settings; Grass, River, Mud, Forest and Snowstorm. The children enjoyed exploring and describing the different environments and the reception children wrote some sentences independently about each setting. 

The children in Class 1 have continued to focus on the story 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt.' This week the children in year 1 have been busy planning and writing their own versions of the story. They are all very proud of their writing. The children in Pre-School and Reception have been exploring bears including what they look like, where they live and looking at new vocabulary such as hibernation and nocturnal. 

Everyday Materials- Year 1

The children in Year 1 have been learning about Everyday Materials in their science lessons. They have explored a variety of different everyday materials, and identify which materials objects are made from. We have also looked at the properties of materials. We did a scientific investigation and explored different objects to see which materials have certain properties. 

Forest School- Summer Term (2022)

Now the summer term is here, the children in Class 1 are back to having weekly forest school sessions. The children have been enjoying taking part in a variety of activities including; experimenting with tools, water play, den building, outdoor arts, imaginative play and much more. Through these activities children are learning vital skills such as; learning about the natural environment, Learning problem-solving skills, Building positive relationships, Improving communication skills and Encouraging emotional wellbeing. Forest school will continue throughout the summer term. 


Spring 2- Healthy Humans (2022)

World Book Day- 3/3/2022

For World Book Day this year the children dressed up as their favourite book character, they all looked fantastic. As a class we decided to spend the day exploring books by the author Julia Donaldson. Some of the books we looked at included; The Gruffalo, The Gruffalo's Child, Superworm, A Squash and a Squeeze and The Stick Man. 

All of the children had the opportunity to make their own Gruffalo Character, and the children in year 1 wrote a character description of their Gruffalo. The activities continued throughout the provision areas around the classroom.  


Phonics is a way of teaching children to read and write by blending and segmenting individual sounds. Every letter and different combinations of letters make particular sounds. Phonics sessions focus on key reading skills such as decoding to read words and segmenting the sounds in a given word to spell. During Phonics lessons we also teach children to read and write ‘tricky words’, these are words that you cannot sound out, therefore children are expected to remember how to read and write these words. 


The children in Class 1 take part in daily phonics lessons where they are taught specific sounds. Phonics activities permeate throughout continuous provision in Class 1, providing many opportunities for pupils to deepen their understanding and apply their knowledge through various activities. 



The Children in Class 1 have been enjoying their weekly library sessions with Mrs Hellon. During library time the children have the chance to explore new books and authors with their peers to enhance their reading, as well as contributing to their social development. The children enjoy listening to new stories each week and relish taking new books home to share with their families. 

Spring 1- Burning Brightly (2022)

Fire Brigade Visit 02/02/2022

This half term the children in Class 1 have been learning all about the Great Fire of London. We had a special visit from the Fire Brigade to teach the children about fire safety. The children were able to have look round and sit in the fire engine and have a go at using the hose to put out a pretend fire. 

Amazing Animals

In Class 1 we have been looking at a variety of different animals. We have been studying animal groups (mammals, reptiles, fish, bird and amphibians), their habitats and the countries animals come from. We have used globes, google maps and have also explored our local area to see what animals we could discover. We have also been exploring the terms herbivores, carnivores and omnivores and considering animals which come under each term. We investigated animal poo (play doh) to identify which animal it could have come from depending on what we found in the poo (grass, bones or both). 


Construction Club: 08.11.21

In construction club this week, the challenge set for the children was to build a bridge. All of the children had great ideas and created fantastic bridges, using a variety of construction materials. The Children were very proud of their work. 

Autumn 2- Carnival of Animals (2021)

Autumn 1- The Place where I live (2021)

Home Learning 05.07.21- 12.07.21

Victorian Day 28.06.21

Outdoor Learning 

The children in Class 1 have been enjoying taking part in outdoor learning on a Friday morning. They have been doing lots of different activities such as; den building, building fairy doors, imaginative play, experimenting with tools, water play, playing in the mud kitchen and story time. They have learnt lots of valuable experiences and how to assess risks in a playful manner. 

After School Club

We have been having lots of fun at our Story Time After School Club. This week we read The Tiger Who Came to Tea, we made tiger masks and decorated cupcakes and afterwards we had a tiger tea party. 

Home Learning 2021


Week 7 - 01.03.21

We are very proud of our work in Class 1.
In week 3 our topic is animals, and we read we read Hairy Maclary from Donaldson's Dairy.

In week 1 we went on a bear, rabbit and elephant hunt!

Learning at Home


In these strange times when we are staying home and keeping safe, we are all missing school and our friends. The children in class 1 have been working hard at home and wanted to share some their work. We are very proud of them!

Over the Rainbow!

Sporting Champion!


I wonder what is going to happen next?

Wonderful Butterflies!

Birthday's in Lockdown can be fun too!

World Book Day

On World Book Day Class 1 :-

  • dressed up in book character costumes.
  • brought our soft toys into school.
  • decorated feathers ready for a whole school reading display.
  • listened to the story of ‘ Goldilocks and the 3 bears’ and ordered the story.
  • decorated biscuits to look like bears.
  • had a teddy bears picnic where we ate teddy bear crisps and cake, sang songs with our teddies and had lots of fun!

We hope you like our pictures.

The Little Zoo Company


On Monday 10th February 'The Little Zoo Company' brought some animals into Class 1.  The children got to learn lots about the animals and even got to hold or stroke each animal.  There was a rabbit called Peter, a snail called Michelle, a millipede, a tree frog, a snake and a tortoise called Zeus.  We were amazed by the 200 legs on the millipede and the suckers on the tree frog which help him to climb up the trees.  The snake had beautiful patterns on its skin to help camouflage itself in the forest.


The children said:

'At first I was scared but then I wasn't'  B

'A frog needs to hide from predators'  F

'Is it real or ist alive?' O

'The millipede tickles with its feet'  M


Chinese New Year


Class 1 enjoyed celebrating Chinese New year and welcoming the 'Year of the Rat'. We enjoyed tasting the Chinese food too.

Chinese New Year

I'm Gonna Shine

Forest School. The Year 1 children have really enjoyed their time at forest school over the past few weeks.