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School Day

The School Day


Start of School Day

Whole School

8.30am - 8.50am      

Morning Session 


Whole School

8.30am - 8.50am to 12.30pm      

Morning Break

Class 1 

10.20am to 10:35am  

Class 2

10.30am to 10.45am

Class 3

10.50am to 11.05am


Whole School

12.30pm to 1.05pm         

Afternoon Session

Whole School    

1.05pm to 3.00pm                    

End of School Day      

Whole School



This amended timetable of the school day has increased the total teaching time per week, excluding registration, assemblies, breaks and lunchtimes by 1 hour 30 minutes for Class 1 and 1 hour 40 minutes for Class 2 and 3.


Additional Information

  • Collective Worship  - 15 minutes daily in classrooms
  • Music tuition for Year 5 and 6  - one hour weekly
  • Physical Education - weekly for all age groups


For all pupils there will be a focus on revisiting and mastery of key skills: reading comprehension strategies, spelling, punctuation and grammar, learning mathematical facts and applying them when problem solving and reasoning.​​​​​​​


Pupils will be using a wide range of resources including digital technology.


There will be daily one-to-one tuition for identified pupils.