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Class 3

Welcome to Class 3!


Come and check out everything that we have been working on this term, see the fabulous and incredible work that Class 3 pupils have produced and gain access to resources and home learning to ensure your child reaches their full potential. What are you waiting for?


What we will be exploring this term within Class 3.

Homework Project Grids

Year 6 Leaver's Afternoon and Celebration Service


We didn't let the Pandemic ruin an opportunity to celebrate the successes of your Year 6 pupils this year. Instead we organised their own Sports Day including foot golf and a penalty shoot out (with staff members in nets) to say we didn't save many penalties. Mrs Lyness spoilt them with their own private bingo session complete with a range of prizes for the winners and then we dived into a feast of pizzas and rainbow-themed goodies. A game of giant netball burnt off some of the meal before they took part in Mr Dennett's 'Task Master Challenges' which required brains, logic and common sense: all of which we were somewhat lacking at that point. 


The outdoor area and gazebo were decorated in all the colours of the rainbow and Reverend Eileen held a service for the year 6 children and their parents. The children shared with us some of their dreams and aspirations for the future as well as their personal thanks for those that had helped them reach the end of Primary School. It was a great way to celebrate their achievements and we wish them all the best of luck as they move on to high school.

Lockdown Learning Unlocked 🏡🔓


We may have had a change of teacher and school for the last couple of months but that hasn't stopped us from producing and creating some great work as well as continuing to learn. More importantly, this has been an incredible opportunity to spend more time with siblings and family members and to learn some vital skills such as the ability to cook, paint fences, plow fields, walk dogs, make beds and inspire others. Here are a few snaps of what we have been up to at home. 

Keeping in Touch...


To Class 3,


I firstly hope that you are all safe and well during this unusual and worrying time and that you are all making the most of your time with family, taking the opportunity to perhaps learn a new skill or improving talents that you already possess. As you may have seen, I have been posting work for you to complete at home on our class page- it is important that you do a little bit of practise or learning everyday to keep your brains in tip-top condition for when we are finally able to get back into school. Well done to those of you who have been working hard!


I would very much therefore like to see what you have been working on so far. Perhaps you have produced a piece of writing that you are proud of and want me to read, it could be pictures of activities that you have completed or artwork that might brighten someone's day. Please keep in touch and email me with what you have been up to. Additionally, if you are struggling with something in particular then send me a message and I will try and assist wherever possible.


Email me on


Remember to stay positive, stay safe and look after each other as much as you can.


Mr D


All loved up heart


For Valentines day, the school had a themed day all about love and donated £1 each for the National Heart Foundation Charity. In class 3, we learnt more about where our money was going and the wide array of projects that they funded. We were surprised to find out that they played a huge part in reducing air pollution, creating laws to reduce sugar intake and developed incredible operations such as organ transplants. They then made their own guides explaining how to look after and keep your heart protected and healthy. We included information that would help support someone emotionally as well as physically. We then took part in a Joe Wicks workout to build up a sweat and get our hearts pumping. We all felt that we got right to the heart of the matter!

Blood Creation


In science this term we have been learning about the circulatory system and the role that the heart and lungs play in transporting oxygen and blood around the body. We investigated and observed virtual AR hearts, which allowed us to better understand the different structures within the organ such as the Aorta and the Pulmonary Artery.

We were also intrigued by what was actually contained within our blood and through creating our own blood samples, learnt about the Red blood cells, the White blood cells, the Plasma and the Platelets as well as their individual roles. Finally we wrote some fact-filled reports about what we had learnt from our science topic this half term. 

Roll up Roll up...


In class 3, as well as the Christian values, we try to demonstrate when possible the 4 R's to ensure that we are:  

 - Respectful, Responsible, Resilient and Ready to Learn-


We also have a system in class where raffle tickets are rewarded to individuals that uphold these values. They are then placed into a raffle and tickets are drawn at the end of the week for a Lucky Dip. To encourage team work, earning 50 tickets collectively as a class will be rewarded by a mystery experience. 

This week, the required number of tickets were exchanged and as a reward, we had our own Ice Cream Factory. Ice cream was available for all to enjoy with a range of toppings and sauces. The children agreed this was a cool prize and I agree it definitely wasn't met with a frosty reception...What will the next 50 ticket prize be? 

Trip to Liverpool 


After learning about World War 2 this term in history, we decided to go on a trip to Liverpool where one of the only surviving U-boats is displayed. We caught the ferry across the Mersey and despite the miserable weather conditions, we managed to make it to the other side without sinking. Once across, we explored the U-boat museum and learnt more about the conditions inside the vessel and the torpedoes that they used to attack enemy ships. We were shocked to find out that not only were they capable of enormous explosions but that they could travel over 30mph and that soldiers on board would actually sleep in the same room as them. We had the opportunity to wear a German helmet that we found surprisingly heavy and even tried out a periscope. What a great way to round off our topic this half term. 

We shall fight them...


This half term we have looked at the disastrous events of World War 2. Firstly, we looked at the reasons why the war took place so we were able to appreciate why so many countries were involved. We learnt about the bombings and the Blitz and used our knowledge to create guides to help those living through these times to better prepare and protect their families. Looking at ways in which the public assisted in the war effort, we designed and created our own propaganda posters based on the examples that we had analysed as a group. We also used our understanding of aerial combat and the newly designed planes to write non-chronological reports about the Battle of Britain. Listening to Chamberlain's declaration of war over the radio, really helped us to appreciate the fear and worry that most people would have felt during World War 2. 

Festive Fun


This year we decided to perform a Nativity with the entire school called 'We're Gonna Shine!' to the parents and local residents of Scarisbrick. The children had an incredible number of songs, actions, stage directions and lines to learn and practice but every single person did an incredible job and produced a fantastic show worthy of the West End. It was inspiring how everybody worked together and the older children took on the responsibility of supporting those younger than them; all the staff who work at St Marks were left feeling very proud. We even had a number of glowing reviews and letters from members of the church who had watched the performance in the morning. 


As always, Class 3 made and took gifts across to the Luncheon club, who kindly allow us to sing to them after their Christmas dinner. We sang a couple of songs from the Nativity as well as some more traditional songs for them to sing along to. The children tell me that they always appreciate this time as they are able to give something back to the community and wish everybody a merry Christmas.



This week, Class 3 took part in a  Bikeability course, which taught the children: how to check that their bicycles were safe to be ridden, the rules of the road and how to ride their bikes on the road with other vehicles present. They practiced safely and responsibly mounting their bikes from the pavement, how and when to move into the primary and secondary position, how to indicate at or before a junction and what the term 'priority' meant. Everybody who took part demonstrated great resilience and now have a great understanding of how to ride more safely if and when they decide to take to the road.

Hot Chocolate & Slippers


As a reward for exceptional work, a resilient attitude, acts of great selflessness or anything that demonstrates that they are going above and beyond the usual expectations within school, children are selected to be 'Gold'. This then entitles them to certain perks and benefits such as being sung to before going for lunch and at the end of the day as well as being able to sit upon the golden cushion. This year, they have also been granted the additional boon of a Golden Wish or a Golden Rule. Today's particular wish was that Class 3 pupils could bring slippers in to wear within class and enjoy hot chocolates with whipped cream and marshmallows. What a great way to round off the week and a superb reward for such hard-work throughout this half term; I wonder what the next rule or wish will be.

We are Cyber Defenders


Today, we were visited by some of Ormskirk's Police Community Support Officers, who came to spread awareness about cyber bullying and share some top tips for how to remain safe whilst online. We talked about the importance of not sharing personal information such as our addresses, phone numbers or passwords online and ensuring that privacy filters are enabled on our devices. We discussed the impact that cyber bullying can have on an individual and the steps that we should take if we ever fall victim to bullying. At the end of the session, we were sworn in as Cyber Defenders; our mission is to stop or prevent any forms of bullying online that we come across by informing a responsible adult or teacher. 

Newly-Discovered Species


We have been busy creating our own unique species that we feel would survive in particular environments on Earth. The children had to think about where their creature would be in the food chain as well as their particular diet. Based on this information, they developed adaptations and physical characteristics which would enable them to survive and then explained their reasons in detail. Here are just a handful of the incredible creatures that were created. 

What is Inheritance?


In Class 3, we have been studying the term inheritance and trying to better understand how it affects what we look like, our personalities and vulnerabilities to certain diseases. The children took part in an experiment where they drew out traits randomly from parents and assigned them to four offspring. We observed whether all the offspring were similar or whether their were variances and found that even though our parents have certain genes, we might not necessarily inherit them.



Survival Sketches


This term we have been reading 'The Explorer' by Katherine Rundell and we are all thoroughly enjoying discovering whether the characters will survive within the Amazon Jungle. Our favorite character is definitely Max. To better understand the emotions and personalities of characters, the children were randomly assigned personality traits that they had gathered and then were put into groups to act out a scene from the book. Their mission was to take on the role of the personality that they had been given. Once they had performed for each other, we tried to predict who had which traits. There were certainly some entertaining performances.

Winner of the Theme Park Challenge


This half term we have recapped our understanding of area and perimeter. We have been able to solve more challenging problems with both rectilinear and compound shapes. To put their knowledge to the test, they were asked to design their own theme park and all of the rides within but they also had to calculate both the perimeter and area of each shape used. There were many incredible entries but the winners went to:

Year 4: Jessica and Lilly

Year 5: Evie and Maizey

Year 6: Libby, Harmony and Natalie 

There's been a murder...


Last week, as a whole school, we visited the Catalyst Museum in Liverpool. We took part in a crime scene investigation and used clues collected by the forensics team to try and work out how the accident had happened. We had lots of fun carrying out different chemical reactions, using the Bunsen burner, testing blood samples and analysing finger prints. Then we took an elevator to the top floor of the building and looked out across the Mersey through the glass observatory. There was just enough time to explore the various interactive experiments within the science museum and then have a go on the zip-wire outside. We learnt a lot and had a lot of fun in the process. 



This term, Year 6 have taken part in a mathematics project that has taught them all about the origins of spirals both man-made and natural. They have drawn, calculated and then coloured their spirals to create different patterns and designs. Here are a couple...try not to get dizzy. 


Preparing for Easter


In RE, this term we have been looking at the Easter story and the period of Lent leading up to Jesus's death. We worked in groups to see whether we could locate examples of our Christian values within the story and then thought about how we could use this to better live our own lives. We then designed and created our own stain glass windows to remind visitors about Jesus's great sacrifice.

Save the Planet


As a school, we enjoyed a day devoted to better understanding of how we can take care of ourselves as well as the planet and community that we live within. In class we discussed the importance of protecting the world and looked at ways in which we might encourage others to do this. We were shocked to discover just how many species of animal were becoming extinct each year due to waste plastic which is polluting our oceans. We discussed and suggested some ways in which we could limit our damage to the environment and then created persuasive posters to help spread our message around school. We then designed and decorated some recycled plastic bottles to grow some classroom plants and decided to go litter picking around school. We presented our findings to the parents during our church assembly and we felt better knowing that we were doing our part. 



We survived SATS week


This week, the Year 6 were put through their paces during the SATS tests and we cannot be prouder of their achievements. They all handled the week with maturity and confident and regardless of what the results say in July, did a fantastic job. Here they are celebrating after their final exam on the Thursday.

Outdoor Pursuits


This term we have been heading out onto the backfield and taking part in a variety of team-building activities, which have helped us to develop our communication skills, resilience and our ability to solve problems. We have particularly enjoyed orienteering in teams and getting slightly tangled up in knots...