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Class 2

At the end of Spring 1, Class Two thoroughly enjoyed welcoming their friends and families to celebrate their learning throughout their Stone Age to Bronze units of learning. They created a Bronze Age village complete with all the features required for a successful settlement; houses, river, woodland, farm, mine and fire. They also prepared a Stone Age stew and stewed berry pudding following recipes similar to those in these prehistoric times. We shared this together and the verdict was "delicious!" Thank you to all those who joined us and made this afternoon so special. We hope to welcome you back again soon.

On a Friday afternoon, Class Two take part in Forest School led by Miss Blundell. We enjoy the mud kitchen, den building and tree climbing each week. We have also made s'mores on the fire and enjoyed some weaving. We enjoyed making and painting clay poppies for Remembrance Day.

Children have thoroughly enjoyed our "Countdown to Christmas" week. Thank you to members of the PTFA who organised a tasty breakfast and Movie Night to kick-start the week for us. We visited Church and have made Christmas cards, calendars and crackers as well as completed some paintings to reflect the true meaning of Christmas; Jesus' birth. We also enjoyed a disco and party games to help us celebrate all that this special time of year has to offer. The week was completed when Father Christmas himself paid us a visit and each of the children received a gift - Thank You Santa for taking time out of your busy schedule to visit us.

Across school, we have been celebrating Harvest. We have been to Church to enjoy the displays of fruits, vegetables and crops that we gather and share with each other. We have prayed for those who have less food than others and asked God to help all those with plenty to be generous and share what they have with others. We then created some artwork to celebrate some of the wonderful gifts that our Earth provides us with.

Class Two started their learning in English by exploring the story "Funnybones". They listened to the story, acted it out, recited it together and then wrote a retell. Next, they will plan and write their own adventure for the "Funnybones" characters. Check out the pictures below of us acting out the story. We tried to remember all the events in the story and worked hard to show expression in our faces and voices to demonstrate how characters feel.

Summer 2


Welcome back once more and for the final time this school year. Please find the information sheet for Class 2 and the timetable below. This will include details of everything they will need for this half term - our topic is Edible Garden.

Summer 1


Welcome back and we hope you had a happy Easter! This half term we will be having PE on Tuesday as usual but on a Wednesday we will be having a Yoga session in the morning - children will need PE kits for both days. We do not have Forest School this half term so they will not need to bring in additional clothes for this. For more information about what we will be learning, please see the information leaflet below and visit the page regularly for updates.

Jubilant Celebrations

This week has seen us engage in a number of activities relating to The Queen's Platinum Jubilee. We have built our own crowns, created some Fact Files and made a Herald Banner as well as enjoying a Jubilee Party Lunch in honour of Her Majesty. Our half term finished with our celebration in church with music, prayers and tales of our weekly activities. Have a safe and enjoyable break and please enjoy the pictures below.

Work has continued on our Romans topic with Roman Bath House designs, Chariots and Gladiators! Alongside this, we have been having a lot of fun in Science and Geography. There were plenty of laughs as we learnt about the digestive system as we put our knowledge into practical action. We re-enacted the process by mashing up various foods in a makeshift mouth before adding water to simulate the saliva as we chew. The journey continued into a zip-lock bag stomach where the class were disgusted to find the appearance of their food churned with the stomach acid orange juice! The final and hardest part was negotiating the food into a leg of a pair of tights (the intestines). We simulated peristalsis as the food moved along the intestines to its final resting place (!) in our jugs... We followed this up by learning about teeth and even made models of our very own by looking in a mirror! There are definitely some budding dentists in the class!

Talk of Pompeii alongside our class story brought us onto Volcanoes and Earthquakes. We have enjoyed learning about what is beneath our feet and how this leads to the formation of a volcano. We debated the pros and cons of living near a volcano and discussed how the people of Pompeii must have felt during the fateful final day!

Please enjoy some of our pictures below:

This week we have been learning about Boudicca and how she was a fierce warrior. We wrote and delivered some inspirational speeches, as Boudicca, to try and rally our troops and then tried on a replica Roman helmet and held a shield and sword to try our our battle cries! We added a bit of drama as we acted out a scene from Boudicca's house and we have found some budding actors in the class! Our favourite part of the week was performing our class assembly in church which also gave us the chance to show off our new music-reading skills with our recorder playing!




Welcome back once more to our class page and we hope you enjoy seeing what we get up to in school. Below is this half-term's information about the interesting topics we will be investigating.


This term has flown by and we've had a brilliant time in Class 2. Our fantastic term was finished off today with a celebration of Easter. We began with a church service, learning all about the Easter Story and also celebrating termly achievements. After this we had a great time on an Easter egg hunt before some really special activities. We got to experience The Last Supper as we gathered in the hall to learn all about Passover and try some of the foods of the time. The favourite bit was having our teachers wash our feet, as we learnt all about the significance of Jesus carrying this out. Just before the end of the day we recreated the welcome of Jesus by walking around the area with palm leaves we had made for the occasion before finishing the day with a whole school assembly!

Thank you for all of your support this term and we hope you have a safe and lovely Easter!


We've had a very busy few weeks finishing off our work about Little Red and beginning the activities related to our termly class book, The Creakers. Linking in with our science topic we studied nutrition and had a request from Little Red to help her to design some healthy meals for her new adventures. The class used their knowledge to plan balanced meals, designed a leaflet to guide her to eat healthily and finally wrote her some instructions to help her to make the meals herself. We then tried out our instructions with some hilarious results - I think we've all learnt the importance of being specific when instructing someone! 

During maths, the class have been thoroughly enjoying putting their practical skills to the test inside and out of the classroom. 

In our second science topic, we have been learning about the classification of animals. We created branching diagrams using our computing skills, we've completed some investigative work in our bug hunt (see if you can spot the frog that made us jump!) and this has all contributed to an individual interactive information book using various Design and Technology techniques. We can't wait for you to try the finished products!

Please see the selection of photographs below to see what we've been up to.

World Book Day


We have had a very exciting time celebrating World Book Day. Dressed in our costumes from our favourite books, we started our day with an assembly introducing each of our characters from Nelson Mandela to Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz! We've been studying Little Red, a book by Bethan Woollvin, for the Traditional Tales with a Twist element of our English lessons and we've enjoyed it so much that the children requested we look at her other books today too. After reading her version of Rapunzel and Hansel and Gretel, we set to designing our own storyboards of what Little Red did next. We then turned these into our own picture books with our front covers designed using iPads. There were some fantastic ideas even if they were a bit gruesome!



We've had a very busy half term learning about The Great Fire of London, The History of Flight and our geography topic all about Spain.

Whilst learning about the Great Fire of London we tried writing our own diary entries after being inspired by a visit from Samuel Pepys. He popped in for an interview to answer some of our questions about his experience of The Great Fire and of his own experiences of it. We used the answers to use as quotes in our newspaper reports. You can see some of our incredible work  displayed on the classroom window.

We also glided through the beginnings of flight, studying some of the pioneers such as Amy Johnson, Bessie Coleman and The Wright Brothers - we particularly enjoyed re-enacting their first attempts at flight during our English lesson!

Our Spain topic provoked lots of interesting discussion about various festivals, traditions and differing climates. A class debate about Catalonian independence surprised them all after we staged our own speeches and vote. It came out 50/50!

The class have thoroughly enjoyed designing and making their own wallets and you can see these below.


Welcome back and we hope you all had a nice break and have recharged your batteries. To find out what we will be learning this half-term please see the Class Information leaflet underneath and keep checking back for updates of our activities.

Autumn 2


Welcome back to our class page. Please see below to find out what we will be learning about this half term. Don't forget to keep checking back for updates and pictures.

Christmas Festivities

We've been having so much fun this half term doing lots of fun Christmas activities and particularly enjoyed our Christmas Fun Day. We had lots of craft activities; whittling Christmas Trees in Forest School, weaving a calendar and of course designing lots of things to bring home.

Our Class Book was The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and so our reading area was transformed into the cosy living room of Mr Tumnus the fawn. Class 2 were inspired to compose some beautiful writing and made their own scenes incorporating drawing, painting and then adding snow detail, finally fitting wardrobe doors over the front. They thought up their own magical adventure stories and read these to each other in front of our class Christmas tree. 

We also had a visitor in class in the form of a very mischievous elf, Elphick who played some pranks on us but then changed his ways by doing some lovely things for us too!

Our School Nativity took the stage during the final week. The children all performed magnificently and should be very proud of all of the hard work they put in.

Please enjoy a selection of pictures below pictures below and have a Merry Christmas!

Electrifying Encounters

We've had a very busy and exciting start to our Christmas term.


Our Science Topic all about electricity has seen us shocked into action creating safety posters all about protecting ourselves from the dangers all around us. Putting our newly gained knowledge to the test, we have been building some simple circuits, lighting bulbs, sounding buzzers and engaging motors. We are now able to assess an example of a circuit and identify whether or not it will work and our posters have been brilliant reminders of how to keep ourselves safe.


Our Wednesday afternoons have continued to provide us with both creative and adventurous opportunities. Through the mediums of playdough, cardboard and design we have begun to work on final models of animals moulded from clay (KS1) and using cams mechanisms (KS2). Forest school has been as much fun as ever with various creations using wood, wool and clay enabling us to take home our experiences. Have a look at our fantastic work:

We have linked this into our Music leading up to Christmas as we compose our own electronic masterpieces. Focussing on different musical elements we will capture the essence of our chosen animals - we've been planning what kind of dynamics to use - whether it should vary suddenly (subito), or gradually (crescendo/diminuendo), the tempo (speed), pitch - would our animal be high or low or both - and thought about what instrumentation (sonority/timbre) will suit the animals. We will be looking further into how the rhythm can portray them accurately in the coming weeks as we begin to input our ideas into the computers. You can see photos of our ongoing projects below but make sure to stay tuned for updates as we progress...


As always at this time of year, we pause and remember those who gave their lives so we could live. This year, we were invited to attend church to be part of the remembrance service. In the build up we learnt lots about the reason for the occasion, the service, the significance of poppies and the meaning of The Last Post and Reveille. We each made our two poppies that we took to church; one to represent our own remembrance and one to pass to a member of the congregation in order for them to place in memory. This extended into our Forest school where we weaved our own poppies on a cross. The class did themselves very proud in the service, showing utmost respect and understanding.


They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them



Autumn 1 2021


Welcome to Class 2 and thank you for coming to look at our page. Keep checking back regularly for pictures, updates and an insight into all the amazing things the class has been getting up to. Please see the documents below for information about what we're learning about this half term. 

Our Local Area

This half-term, our topic has been based around learning about Scarisbrick and the surrounding areas. We have enjoyed looking into the history of the school where we even got to see some of the old punishment books and lesson timetables! As part of our history experience, our class took part in a morning of Victorian school-style lessons after we found out that our school building was built as a school during the Victorian times. We set some very strict rules, completed our Maths and English on a slate; all whilst our teachers referred to us by our last names only! We definitely don't want the old Victorian punishments but requested that we stayed sitting in rows... but most definitely don't bring back the cane! Have a look at our slate work below.

Apart from the history of our topic we looked into the physical and human geographical features of where we live. We used digital maps, atlases and Ordinance Survey maps to locate ourselves in the context of the world, observe the features we were learning about and even plotted routes to areas of interest using compass directions!

It wasn't just Geography and History though, we loved art lessons with Mrs Lyness (who even built a scale 3D model of the school to help with our learning!) where we sketched, mirrored and painted our own versions of the school building. These lesson worked in tandem with our Forest School afternoons where this half-term we put some life skills into practice including using a screwdriver!

Monster Madness and Extra-curricular Extravaganza

As well as working hard, we like to enjoy our lessons and after-school clubs. This half-term saw us all partake in Monster Monday, dressing up as a monster and engaging in lots of related activities. As part of our English lessons we learnt how to follow and write instructions by designing/writing a potion and making (all done in full costumes!) a 'Nebula Potion' to take home with us. 

In sewing club, after school, the children started to learn to sew and practiced their new skill by creating some fantastic works of art using stitches and design. Please look at the photos below as they showcase the work that they were very proud of. 

The children had great fun during our Science Week.


Day 1 They used m&m’s investigate colour missing and how cold water affects erosion, a few children tested how good they were to eat too!  


Day 2 Using one piece of A4 paper, the children were asked to design the strongest bridge they could.


Day 3 The children joined Dr Who and the Supermovers team in an interactive lesson about the solar system and light.


Day 4 Today the children became ‘Rock Detectives’. They carefully looked at a range of different rocks, and completed an acidity test, a density test and  a scratch test to help them sort them into different rock types.


Day 5 The children found out about different types of see dispersal.  They made sycamore helicopters.  The explored changing the size and the weight of the helicopter’s (using paper clips) to find out which flew the best

The children had great fun during Science Week.



We have enjoyed reading the Stone Age Boy by Satoshi Kitamura.  We have create new front covers and blurbs to persuade other people to read the book too.
Stone Age tools
Stone Age shopping Lists
Cave paintings, what do they tell us about the Stone Age?
Do you like our fossils?
In English, we have been exploring different types of poems.  Portrait poems
Action Poems
An Awful Day

Ormskirk Food Bank

So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you.  Matthew 7:12

In conjunction with St Mark's Church, we have been supporting the Ormskirk Food Bank.