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Class 2

We are ...
             Learning at Home

Week 17 Learning at Home

This week our topic is Space.

Week 16 Learning at Home

This week our topic is Music.

Year 4 English

Week 15 Learning at Home

This week our topic is Around the World.

Week 14 Learning at Home

This week our topic is Famous and Inspirational People. 

Father's Day Treats!


Still image for this video

Week 13 Learning at Home

This week our topic is the Rainforest.

Week 12 Learning at Home

This week our topic is Sport.

Great Gymnastics!

Week 11 - Learning at Home

This week our topic is Under the Sea.

Week 10 Learning at Home

This week is non-screen week.

Lockdown Rap

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Week 9 Learning at Home

This week our topic is Celebrations.  


Week 8 Learning at Home

This week our topic is Food.  The children will be finding out about where different foods originate from, what makes a healthy meal. The children will using their new knowledge and skills to cook some different recipes too.

Week 7 Learning at Home

This week's theme is the environment.  The children were asked to research cilmate change and the different types of extreme weather around the world.

Climate Change.mp4

Still image for this video
Watch this great video about climate change.

Week 6 Learning at Home

This week's theme was animals.  The children were asked to research information about different animals and create fact files and food chain diagrams.  They invented their own animals and made models of them.  Year 2 produced a to z animal lists. How many animals can you think of beginning with u? They explored the work of the artist Marc Franz and created pictures of their favourite animal in his style.  


The children investigated the different bugs they could find in their garden and made bug hotels and other animal homes. You can logon to and share your observations and number of bugs you found.

Week 5 Learning at Home

This week our theme is viewpoints. The children looked at physical viewpoints in terms of what they can see out of their window and what others can see looking into their home.  Then they progressed onto explore their personal viewpoints and those of others.

Week 3 + 4 Learning at Home

Our theme for week 3 and 4 is the area where we live, and even though it's the Easter holiday the children in class 2 have been working very hard.  The children completed some Holy Week activities too.

Week 1 + 2 Learning at Home

The children have been working hard since School has closed, completing work linked to our class topic Spanish Adventure and lots more activities too.

Listen to this cool song created by a member of Class 2.


Stay at home

We have to stay home

Because of this thing

We had to do....self distancing

Wash our hands

Stay home

No school no work

No socialising

Be safe

Be cool

Save high fives!


We're missing family

And our friends

Let's follow the rules

Don't go round the bend

Don't be fools

Let's be cool!

Stay at Home song.mp3

World Book Day - Reading can give us wings!

The children thoroughly enjoyed our World Book Day activities. They enjoyed reading 'Dear Green Peace'.  They imagined what animal they might find in their gardens and write their own letters to Greenpeace.  They used non-fiction books and the internet to research their animal and how they could look after it.

Heart Day

In RE we have been exploring the meaning of the Christian word 'agape'.  During Heart Day, the children took part in a range of activities linked to 'agape'.  They made a large 'Heart' poster with the Rev. Eileen, share their thought and ideas during Circle Time and decorated their own hearts.  The children also wrote love poems.

Food Chains

In Science the children have been learning about food chains, producers, consumers and predators

The Science of Sound

The children took part in a range of investigation to find out how sound is made.

The children learnt about pitch and how they can make high and low sounds by altering the length or height of different materials.  The children planned and made their own pitched instruments.


This half term Year 3 have an athletics coach from the West Lancashire Sports Partnership.

Class 2 Trip to the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool.

On Thursday 12 December we went to the Walker Gallery in Liverpool.  The children were amazed by the size and detail of the paintings on display and particularly enjoyed the 'Spot the Difference' task looking at the painting 'And when did you last see your father?' by William Frederick Yeames.  When some of the children were asked the same question, they replied, 'this morning!!!'  As part of our RE work the children explored the different galleries, identifying paintings that portrayed different events in Jesus's life.  The children were particularly impressed by the portrait of Henry VIII by Hans Holbein, and were keen to dress up as Henry VIII and his daughter Elizabeth I.

I'm Gonna Shine

On Friday 6 December 2019 the whole school performed in our Nativity I'm Gonna shine!  All the children in class 2 had lines to say as well as learning all the words and actions for the songs.  


This half term, Year 3 and 4 have been learning a dance routine.  They have worked very hard learning the moves and choreographing their own group dances to incorporate into the whole dance.

Ormskirk Food Bank

So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you.  Matthew 7:12

In conjunction with St Mark's Church, we have been supporting the Ormskirk Food Bank.

The Great Plague of 1665

The children found out about the Plague Doctors known as 'Quacks'. The year 2 children make posies to take away the smell of the dirty street of seventeenth century London.

Multiplication Arrays

The Year 2 children used peg boards and pegs to support their work on multiplication arrays.

Electric Personalities

The children planned and made their own 'Electric Personalities'.  They used their knowledge of electrical circuits and how to make switches to design a circuit, and incorporated it into their model.  In some models the eyes or the nose light up, in others the nose, tail or bow tie spins around and some children have included a buzzer 'voice' too.

Making Switches

The children worked in pairs to explore making different kinds of switches. The used copper tape, 10p coins, foil, paper clips and butterfly clips as conductors.

Carrying the Bucket Challenge

It was raining this week, so our outdoor addventurous activities took place in the hall. The childen had to work together to create a carrying frame to move the bucket form one side of the hall to the other.

More Golden Time Fun!

This week the children chose Lego for Golden Time. Sitting in a circle, a huge tub of Lego was tipped onto the carpet. Working in small groups, the children chose the Lego they needed and build some wonderful models.

Making Bridges

This half term the children have been taking part in Outdoor Adventurous Activities (OAA).  The children had to work as a team to build a bridge.  They placed a bucket on their bridge and counted beanbags into the bucket to test how strong and stable it was.

Golden Time

To celebrate good behaviour the children have 25 minutes Golden Time each week.  At the beginning of the week the children suggest two activities they would like to do and over the week the children vote for their favourite. For the first golden time of the new school year the children suggested parachute games or games on the field.  The vote was very close, but parachute games won 11 votes to 10!

We all had fun at the Teddy Bears picnic

On Thursday 11th July Year 3,4,5 and 6 children were invited to visit The Heritage Short Boat Kennet at Scarisbrick Marina. The children walked to the marina and enjoyed learning about the history of the canal.

Year 2 have been busy completing Stage 3 of Road safety. They have been discussing about how to cross the road safely. Well done everyone.

We were lucky enough yesterday to be joined in school by author Mark Sanders and Monty the dog. The children really enjoyed meeting Mark and Monty and listening to some of his stories.

On Tuesday 18th June myself, Jesscia and Lewis were lucky enough to be invited to a Reading Event at Asmall Primary School. Jessica and Lewis were chosen to attend the event due to their hard work, particularly in Reading this year. Whilst at Asmall Primary School they met the author Richard O’Neil and listened to him discuss his books and why he became an author. They also each received an award and a goodie bag which contained a signed copy of one of Richard’s books. Jessica and Lewis both enjoyed meeting Richard and they were the perfect role models for St Mark’s. Well done Jessica and Lewis!