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Personal, Social and Health Education

Personal, Social and Health and Citizenship Education 


Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education enables pupils to become healthy, independent and responsible members of society. It encourages pupils to develop skills, attitudes and values that will influence their whole life. It includes such diverse areas as the environment, making responsible choices, financial awareness, keeping safe and being healthy. PSHE is taught as a subject and through other areas of the curriculum such as Science, Religious Education, Literacy and Collective Worship. 


At St Mark's we follow the HeartSmart program to deliver a broad, engaging and creative curriculum that fully engages our pupils and provides them with the opportunity to build character and resilience, improve emotional and physical health and most of all to become well-rounded individuals who positively impact those around them. It provides the opportunities for the children to acquire the foundational principles and skills that will improve their mental health, relationships and academic achievement and links clearly with our existing Christian ethos that is at the heart of St Marks School. 



Latest Updates & Changes to PSHE including RSE


Following the recent changes to Government Statutory guidelines in terms of the teaching of PSHE and RSE, we have discussed how we can move forward and incorporate the new learning outcomes as a staff and have since reviewed our policy and shared it with parents to both inform them of the changes, their rights to withdraw from certain aspects of learning if necessary and to get their opinions on how they feel about their child's education in regards to RSE. 


Please find below a draft policy outlining the Intent, Implementation and Impact of learning at St Marks School as well as more detail about what each areas of PSHE covers and rights to withdraw. You can also review the progression of skills document, which goes into more detail about what each year group is taught across the school. We have included some additional documents to support you in reinforcing the skills taught at school at home as we feel that a clear relationship between school and home learning is important to embed the acquisition of skills. 



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